December 28, 2008

7 a.m.

So I got in my first car accident while I was the driver this morning.. Not a good way to start out the day! Luckily nobody got hurt except for my poor car. I would say "our poor cars" but the other car was a piece of crap! I was about to go straight through a green light when all of the sudden I see a car RIGHT in front of me turning left! BAM!! No time for horn.. No time for breaks just BAM!! Who the H knows what he was thinking! THEN... I call the cops.. They get there 10 minutes later!! And when they get there They don't even come over to check on me!!! What the H They were with the guy who caused the damn thing for 10 minutes then they finally come over to see me!! Good thing I wasn't passed out or bleeding!! I am not impressed with West Valley Cops!! Oh and then.. When the cop was getting all my info I look down and notice my purse and coffee went flying everywhere which caused tampons to fly out of my purse! Quite embarrassing! That was my morning in a nutshell! Blah!!

December 22, 2008


Thats Right!!! We are finally getting married!!! YAY!! This was the best Christmas present ever. Levi purposed to me at my family Christmas party IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! While playing the Right Left game.. I ended up with the lil box that happened to have my beautiful ring inside. I love you so much Levi and I can't wait to marry you!!

November 08, 2008

Two Year Mark

Levi and I had our 2 year deal yesterday!! (I can't believe its been TWO Years!!!) I wish I could say that people just started asking us when we are getting married but NO.. People have been asking us before our 6 month mark! It will happen people!! Don't you worry! All in all Yesterday was a Great day! We got up early and went to Breakfast.. Nothing fancy.. Village inn. Levi took me to Barnes and Noble and bought me some books that I got to pick out because I have been upsest with Nicholas Sparks lately.. After that we went to the movie and saw Role Models.. So funny but there's a lil kid in the movie that has really bad language and I don't see how a parent can want there kid to be in a movie like that. Later that night we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Thaifoon. so yummy! We were going to go bowling after with Danielle and her boyfriend but decided we had, had a pretty eventful day and we just wanted to go to bed. So we rented some movies and laid around the rest of the night! It was a really good day! Thanks Honey. We didn't really get any pictures because 1. Levi hates pictures (butthead) and 2. I get sick of doing the whole camera over head self snap shot so these ones are at the end of the night that his mom took.


I know its a little late but our Halloween was pretty un-eventful. I went and saw my cousins dressed up as pirates. I only got a picture of lil Aiden but they were all very cute! Later me and my sister helped my cousin dress up as a mummy (lil creepy) then while waiting for trick-or-treaters that night that never really came we decided it would be fun to have Levi and Morgan have a bubble gum eating contest.. Babe, I still don't know why you went against Morgan.. Have you seen how huge his mouth is.. No offense Morg.. Levi ended up giving up. They both had $200 dollar prizes to go for but I guess that gagging was to much. Me and Britt had a few good laughs. Mostly at Levi trying to fit it all in his lil mouth and then looking over and Morgan and not even being able to tell it was in his mouth!! They finally spit out the 28 pieces so we could turn out the lights and go to dinner.

November 03, 2008

8 Things

8 TV Shows I Watch

1. Greys Anatomy
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Desperate Housewives
4. One Tree Hill
5. Ugly Betty
6. Dr. 90210
7. Friends Re-runs
8. CMT

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Drove to Logan with Levi
2. Worked
4. Walked around at work
5. Talked to Lots of people
6. Watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters
7. Cuddled with Levi
8. Ate really yummy homemade sweet potato cheese cake

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Thyphoon
2. Paradise
3. Burger King (love the whoppers)
4. Julies Kitchen (levi's mom)
5. Happy Sumo
6. California Pizza Kitchen
7. Chef Mings
8. Spaghetti Factory

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To
1. Getting Married
2. Moving Out
3. Getting my pictures back from my NYC trip
4. Our 2 year (being together) Anniversary
5. Thanksgiving
6. Getting a Niece or a Nephew
7. Next Weekend
8. Bed time

8 Things On My Wish List
1. A Ring
2. Longer Hair
3. To get the opening position at my work
4. A girls Night (Britt, you forgot the M)
5.A kitchen Table
6. An apartment that allows a big dog
7. New Perfume (mine Broke)
8. World Peace

Now I Tag..
1. Jennie
2. Megan
3. Brynn
4. Texie
5. Mike
6. LindsAy
7. LindsEy
8. Stefanie

October 21, 2008

Brittney and Morgan

I wanted to dedicate this post to my sister and her husband, Morgan. They have been married for over four years and friends for eleven years! They have wanted to start there family for a couple years now and because of fertility problems they have yet to accomplish that goal. They have recently decided to adopt which is the reason for this post. I heard that spreading the word can't hurt. So let me tell you about my wonderful sister and her husband.
Brittney and Morgan were married in the Salt Lake Temple and are very strong in the church and in there callings. They LOVE to travel and shop. They love to get away and go camping for a weekend or visit the family cabin in Bear Lake. They are both very big into family and love getting together with family and friends. Brittney works as a dental assistant, Morgan works for an architect company and is currently attending the University of Utah to become and Architect. They are both very creative people which I like because I tend to copy my sister alot! Morgan has made several pieces of furniture and recently help design a few temples that are being built. Brittney has helped a few friends with there weddings as far as taking there pictures and making all the flower arrangements, she LOVES to scrapbook and does an amazing job. She definitely has a knick for decorating. There apartment is very cute and always well kept. Every room decorated at my moms house is because of her and Morgan and the many trips to Target. They have 2 nieces that they both absolutely love and spoil so much. Brittney and Morgan have been through so much with all the testing and always hearing that its just not working. I couldn't imagine wanting something as bad as my sister wants to be a mom. Every time she sees a pregnant woman or hears about another girl getting pregnant I see the sadness in her eyes or hear it through her voice. She tries to be so upbeat about it but I know it hurts her. When they finally do get to become parents I know they will rock at it. They love each other so much and I know they will make amazing parents.

This is the two of them at the Spaghetti Factory for Britts Birthday.
Click on the picture to see more about them in there own blog.
Thanks for reading.
Feel free to pass it on.. Like I said.. Spreading the word can't hurt..

September 25, 2008

Softball Champions

CoNGrAtULaTiOnS on your undefeated season Boys!!

September 15, 2008


I was tagged by my cute sister Brittney. Check at the very end to see if you have been tagged. Here are the rules: You have to take 10 random pictures in your home. No straitening, cleaning or wiping any kids nose. Then you can tag more people.

This is part of the wall in our 1/2 Bath that my very creative sister decorated.

This is my pepper spray that I actually kinda want to use one day.

I love Purses!!

This is a picture of my computer screen of my email account that has my flight times for when I go to New York in TWO days!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

This is actually the very first picture I took after reading my sisters blog! It is of my brother blocking his face because my flash was bright (yeah.. I woke him up.)

This is my favorite spot in my room, its the only spot that is still clean after a busy week.. (my sister decorated my room too)

This is downstairs where I store my secret stash of food because if I come home with food, it is gone before I get to it!

This is what my bathroom looks like after a rushed morning (it said No straightening)

These are my cute lanterns in my room that my sister gave me. They are the first thing people talk about when they come in my room

This is our cute bathroom that again my sister decorated! If we have a room in our house that is cute and decorated. My sister did it!!!

And now I tag.. Brynn, Megan (when yours is finished of course), Kerrie, Nichole, Jen, Jackie, Jessica Cook, Natalie and Lindsay Taylor! Have fun Ladies!!

Ps.. If you were looking close at the picture of the mini fridge and my messy bathroom and you noticed the brown bottle that looks similar to a beer bottle.. Its Apple Beer!! Just for the record!

Lil Lexi is ONE (Seven in Doggy years)

Our lil Lexi is not so lil any more!! She turned One on Saturday Sept 13th. Lexi is such a great dog! She gets more attention then me! She better be a great dog!! And I know I am weird for blogging about this but we don't have kids so Lexi is the baby we are going to blog about until we get them!

September 11, 2008

Girls Camp

Girls camp was awhile ago but I finally have the internet at home so it is much easier to blog! I was an assistant girls camp director in my ward which I think only happened because I was talking to my friend that does my hair that is also in my ward. I was telling her that I loved girls camp when I was younger.. Come to find out.. She was also an assistant girls camp director so she talked to our other friend.. The YW President and all of the sudden I get a text from the pres saying... So you wanna go to Girls camp huh... Lets just say I am glad I got my hair done that day because I had a blast at Camp! I was in charge of taking all the pictures for the dvd after and that was a perfect job for me because I LOVE pictures!! I was also very proud of the dvd of it all afterward. Thanks for your help James.

September 04, 2008

August 27, 2008

Cell Phone anybody?

Levi has this thing with breaking phones.. The first one was Lexi when she was a puppy. He figured it would be ok that she chews on it because "she's just a lil baby.." Then the crap phone after that was crushed between his butt and the truck.. The next piece of junk loaner was broke in half because he was frustrated because it never got service and pretty much only worked when it wanted to.. SO.. Therefore.. We do not want to buy a new phone because A. They are kind of pricey when its not time for an upgrade.. And B. it will probably be broken in a couple months anyway! So does anyone have a T-Mobile cell phone you don't use that you want to sell for cheap? Let me know! Thanks.

August 08, 2008

How to do the Collages

Ok here it is.. I have been asked by many people how I made the collages.. I must say I like being asked how I made something so cute because I am usually the one asking but I have to admit that I got the cuteness from my friend, Brynn who got it from another friend, Nichole so Thanks Ladies.. You can download the program from Photoscape after clicking the 'Free Download' tab. Click 'Page' once you have finished downloading it. Its really easy and you have a ton of templates to chose from. To add letters and other things click 'Edit' The more you play with it, the more creative you will get. If you have any questions let me know.. Have fun!! Its addicting!!!

July 28, 2008

Our Fun Weekend

Friday night we had a blast at the Bees game with a bunch of our friends. I finally got to see some fireworks since I missed the ones on the 4th. Levi rode tracks for the 1st time. I always tried to get him to ride them with me before and told them how cool they were but of course his first time had to be crappy with tonz of people and of course it was sweaty with all the people and we had to stand up so I don't think we will be taking tracks anymore.

Saturday was fun too. We didn't really do anything exciting.. Went to breakfast with Danielle, Played some Wii and X box at Best Buy, Cleaned the boat so it would be shiny on to sell, bought a swimming pool for Lexi thinking she would love it, Its pretty much a really big water bowl to her! Saturday night we watch our friends baby, Skylar. He is such an easy baby to watch. He is so HAPPY! He was sitting on my lap and his head was turned to the tv with of course Baseball on and Levi was so proud he was watching baseball. We went for a walk around the block with Lexi and Skylar was passed out within 2 minutes and after walking for awhile Levi FINALLY offered to take him and that lasted about 1 minute until giving him back to me. He said "Good thing they invented strollers cuz thats sucked!"

July 23, 2008


So my friend Brynn just talked me through how to FINALLY make the collages rather then have a ton of pictures on one post. Yes, I am still playing with it and trying to be creative.. Here is one with just a couple cute pictures from a few different random places that I thought were cute. Me and Levi have had such a good summer.. (not as much fishing. yay!) Don't get me wrong.. I like fishing.. When I say not as much fishing I mean Tournaments, when Levi is gone all weekend! We have been camping with friends, lots of Barbecues, Swimming (me, not Levi) I guess this summer has been great because I had 3 weeks off from work so I actually got to enjoy it!!! And I have loved it!!

Camping over July 4th

We went up to Starvation and Camped over the 4th with some friends of ours and there 2 lil boys. It was fun even though we missed the fireworks. During the day while the boys were out fishing me and Jennie stayed in with the baby and tried to keep cool while eating junk food and trying to finish a movie all the way through. The last night there was my favorite time because we finally got the fire up.. or should I say I finally got the fire up. Tyler made us some really good hobo dinners and after we all had some smores!

Maura and Cass' Wedding

Here are a few pictures of Levi's sisters wedding. It was so beautiful and so much fun! They had it at Cass' parents house which was perfect up in Milcreek Canyon. There was tonz of people, Great food and lots of dancing! I think the first picture of Levi, he looks like a body guard but he is just wiping a tear. We are so happy for Maura and Cass. All night Levi kept saying to me.. "look how pretty my sister looks." What a sweet guy I have!

July 02, 2008

Parents that BUG

I am not posting this to offend anyone and I hope it doesn't.
Parents that let there kids run free in stores and expect the employees to watch them bug me so bad!! For example.. Today I was at a small boutique returning some shirts and two younger ladies were in front of me. The one at the register had a lil one year old that could barely walk and the one right in front of me had two lil s (sorry for the language) The one who was about 9 was next to her mom BITING her moms new shirt she was about to purchase and the lil bratty boy who was about 5 was pulling on the string to the blindes. (These two ladies didn't know each other) So the cute lil one year old comes over and is standing next to me smiling up at me then starts watching and laughing at the lil boy playing with the blindes. HE KICKS HER, She laughs, He kicks her AGAIN, she laughs (while I am giving him a dirty look) I wasn't going to say anything because she seemed to like it and both moms were right there!! So the mom of the Sh..ts walked away to go try on her clothes (leaves the kids) So then the lil boys kicks the cute lil baby in the HEAD, She falls and starts crying so I help her up and tell the mom (of the baby) that the lil boy kicked her so she comforts the baby and the poor thing couldn't even cry because she wasn't getting air out! The mom keeps saying "its ok..." No! It wasn't ok!! The babies nose started bleeding.. Not bleeding,... GUSHING!!! I'm pretty sure the lil sh.. broke her nose!!!! Oh man!! If that were my kid who got kicked.. I would hate to be the other parent! It frustrates me so bad when parents just let there kids run around and do whatever they want! Anyways.. Thats all I have to say about that.. Sorry if you are one of those parents.. I hope your kid doesn't get kicked in the head by a lil sh...

June 30, 2008

Its been a long time A....

So I have heard from many people that it is time to blog about something... There is nothing really anything exciting to blog about.. Nothing is new with me and Levi (yes, that Are you engaged yet question always comes up) Trust me.. If we were It would be blogged!! I currently left the Appraisal firm I was working at and I know it is probably bad to say but I am so happy and have a great feeling about it! Heidi and Alison, if you s are reading this then I will miss you both very much and hope you guys will keep in touch.. Maybe you guys can leave my replacement there to meet me for lunch! For now I will be working making much better money and going back to finish school! Levi found a new (and cheaper) obsession for the summer. He is playing softball twice a week with a bunch of his buddies! I like that hobby better because he isn't gone all weekend and I can go watch him play! The families are great! Levis sister, Maura just got married and her and Cass are absolutely perfect for each other! We had a blast at there wedding and it turned out so perfect! Lexi got her first hair cut and I must say she looked pretty goofy for a couple days but she looks so cute now! Not as much shedding!! YAY!!! As for the summer we are just having fun and trying to keep cool. I hope all my friends and family that are reading this are doing great!! And if you think I have totally vanished.. I haven't! I have still kept updated on your blogs.. I was just unable to comment! (I was in hiding)

May 16, 2008


Florida was so much fun up until Sunday when I got sick.. After that I just kinda slept and dragged along.. If you look close to the picture of the building you will see its upside down!! And the one with the Simpsons.. My dad and brother were happy that we finally got a full family picture! The weather was so nice and we stayed in this awesome condo.. (thanks Britt!! and Dr. Neilson!)

Girls Day

Its always nice to know someone that has a man who loves fishing as much as Levi does.. So when they are doing there tournaments we get together! Me and Kerrie got together and made some more magnets. (yes, I'm obsessed!) Later that night we barbecued with the boys. It was such a fun day! Lil Avery is so cute! I had fun with you guys! Thanks Ker!

April 22, 2008

Something cuter then the last post

This post is a lil random but I had to post something cute so that ugly leg wasn't the first thing you saw when you came to my page! This is my friends lil girl, Ileigh!(I-Lee) She is so stinkin Cute! I got to hang out with her and Jessica on Saturday and I had so much fun with them! Thanks Jess!! Love ya! Lets do it again soon!!!

April 18, 2008

Boys will be Boys

I don't know what it is about boys and there scars but the more they have is like the more trophies they have, the more adventures they have done and the more tricks they have tried! This one is from Sliding into Base because his team mates were yelling "Slide!" Like a fool/show off He did!!! The second one is the same thing but ripped open again because of Diving for a ball! And the third of course him being so proud of his war wound! (he's not so proud of it when its hurting!!) Sorry if anyone got a weak stomach from this post!
Sunday we took the boat out for the first time this year and it was Lexi's first time! She got a lil excited when she saw the ducks in the water and swam SO far out into the lake until finally the ducks flew away! She was so determined to get them!! Everybody around that area was calling for her! It was so funny! The last picture is of Lexi and George (Levi's dad) on his boat when we were getting ready to go back in and she got so excited to see us she wanted to jump out and get on our boat! Sunday was so nice! It got us way excited for summer! Hopefully it will stop with this back and forth stuff and just get there all ready!!

April 07, 2008

Weekend Craft

I am Finally moving out into my own place and 2 things I was very excited to get was measuring cups and cute magnets.. So I got the measuring cups last weekend and this weekend me and my sister made these so cute and Very easy magnets! It was a lot of fun and we want to make more!! See Britt, I have some good idea's some times!!

March 26, 2008

I like it Big!

So I was doing my sisters hair last night and she kept complaining that I was hurting her head.. I told her beauty was pain! She asked if I ratted my hair that hard and I told her how I broke my comb ratting my hair so I would say Yes.. I do!! but I have a hard head! So those of you who know me... I like big hair and I am an expert ratter.. teaser.. back comber.. Whatever you want to call it. People always ask me how I get my hair like that and especially.. How do I get it to stay like that all day... Well.. It involves a good 3 layer comb and good Hair spray!

March 12, 2008

So stinkin Cute

They had lil cubs at Sportsmans this last weekend (and this weekend if you want to go see them) They only had one out at a time but he was so Cute!! So small! Kinda sad that they are away from there mom.. The line was like 3 hours long so we just snuck to the front and got a quick picture of other people holding them. I had better things to do than to stand in a line for 3 hours!!

Rascal Flatts 2008

Kelly Pickler was so cute at the concert. She said she fell and hit her head earlier so she had to take off her shoes before she fell over then she would sit down and show everyone her black feet!

Then... Rascal Flatts was AWESOME! They are one band that I can listen to there whole cd with out skipping any songs! The one with the dark hair is Hilarious!! He started the concert with a lil humor and he said he Loves comeing to Utah cuz the girls wear "little things"

Joe Don is freaking HOT! We got tonz of pictures of just him!!
Towards the end of the show they brought some of Salt Lakes Marines who are leaving for duty out on the stage and that was way cool! The Concert was a blast and I can't wait to go next year!
I don't have any pictures of Danielle that came with us but notice in the back of me and Levi... Thats Danielle!! You can tell how much fun she was having! Love you girly!

February 29, 2008


Its getting closer....
We are SOOO excited to go see Rascal Flatts in concert! Levi has been before but I haven't and I am so freakin excited!! We LOVE Rascal Flatts!!

February 28, 2008

GO Jazz!!!

Levi took me to the Jazz game last night and WHAT A GAME!! The first part of the game was so pathetic! They were getting there butts kicked! It was so much fun once they got there practicing over with and started actually playing!! The crowd was going nuts! And usually I love that and I did last night but unfortunately I had to sit by the most annoying lady ever! I thought my mom and aunt were bad... No they are Nothin compared to this lady! We were the
first row on the top part and I thought this lady was going to fall over the wall she was so nuts!! I was pretty much on Levi's lap toward the end of the game because she was so excited she was taking up my area and HERS! She was yelling, Jumping, Waving her arms EVERYWHERE, Whistling VERY Loud.. I'm surprised I didn't have a black eye when we left! What a psycho!!! Other then that crazy broad we had a blast and the Jazz kicked butt!! And as you can see from the pictures... Levi hates having his picture taken.. I take one with his finger in his mouth so I tell him to smile a certain way and he does but then he can't even look at the camera!! He's like a lil kid!!! After being behind 17 points the Jazz won 103 to 95 GOOD GAME!!!