May 16, 2008


Florida was so much fun up until Sunday when I got sick.. After that I just kinda slept and dragged along.. If you look close to the picture of the building you will see its upside down!! And the one with the Simpsons.. My dad and brother were happy that we finally got a full family picture! The weather was so nice and we stayed in this awesome condo.. (thanks Britt!! and Dr. Neilson!)

Girls Day

Its always nice to know someone that has a man who loves fishing as much as Levi does.. So when they are doing there tournaments we get together! Me and Kerrie got together and made some more magnets. (yes, I'm obsessed!) Later that night we barbecued with the boys. It was such a fun day! Lil Avery is so cute! I had fun with you guys! Thanks Ker!