October 21, 2008

Brittney and Morgan

I wanted to dedicate this post to my sister and her husband, Morgan. They have been married for over four years and friends for eleven years! They have wanted to start there family for a couple years now and because of fertility problems they have yet to accomplish that goal. They have recently decided to adopt which is the reason for this post. I heard that spreading the word can't hurt. So let me tell you about my wonderful sister and her husband.
Brittney and Morgan were married in the Salt Lake Temple and are very strong in the church and in there callings. They LOVE to travel and shop. They love to get away and go camping for a weekend or visit the family cabin in Bear Lake. They are both very big into family and love getting together with family and friends. Brittney works as a dental assistant, Morgan works for an architect company and is currently attending the University of Utah to become and Architect. They are both very creative people which I like because I tend to copy my sister alot! Morgan has made several pieces of furniture and recently help design a few temples that are being built. Brittney has helped a few friends with there weddings as far as taking there pictures and making all the flower arrangements, she LOVES to scrapbook and does an amazing job. She definitely has a knick for decorating. There apartment is very cute and always well kept. Every room decorated at my moms house is because of her and Morgan and the many trips to Target. They have 2 nieces that they both absolutely love and spoil so much. Brittney and Morgan have been through so much with all the testing and always hearing that its just not working. I couldn't imagine wanting something as bad as my sister wants to be a mom. Every time she sees a pregnant woman or hears about another girl getting pregnant I see the sadness in her eyes or hear it through her voice. She tries to be so upbeat about it but I know it hurts her. When they finally do get to become parents I know they will rock at it. They love each other so much and I know they will make amazing parents.

This is the two of them at the Spaghetti Factory for Britts Birthday.
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