March 26, 2008

I like it Big!

So I was doing my sisters hair last night and she kept complaining that I was hurting her head.. I told her beauty was pain! She asked if I ratted my hair that hard and I told her how I broke my comb ratting my hair so I would say Yes.. I do!! but I have a hard head! So those of you who know me... I like big hair and I am an expert ratter.. teaser.. back comber.. Whatever you want to call it. People always ask me how I get my hair like that and especially.. How do I get it to stay like that all day... Well.. It involves a good 3 layer comb and good Hair spray!

March 12, 2008

So stinkin Cute

They had lil cubs at Sportsmans this last weekend (and this weekend if you want to go see them) They only had one out at a time but he was so Cute!! So small! Kinda sad that they are away from there mom.. The line was like 3 hours long so we just snuck to the front and got a quick picture of other people holding them. I had better things to do than to stand in a line for 3 hours!!

Rascal Flatts 2008

Kelly Pickler was so cute at the concert. She said she fell and hit her head earlier so she had to take off her shoes before she fell over then she would sit down and show everyone her black feet!

Then... Rascal Flatts was AWESOME! They are one band that I can listen to there whole cd with out skipping any songs! The one with the dark hair is Hilarious!! He started the concert with a lil humor and he said he Loves comeing to Utah cuz the girls wear "little things"

Joe Don is freaking HOT! We got tonz of pictures of just him!!
Towards the end of the show they brought some of Salt Lakes Marines who are leaving for duty out on the stage and that was way cool! The Concert was a blast and I can't wait to go next year!
I don't have any pictures of Danielle that came with us but notice in the back of me and Levi... Thats Danielle!! You can tell how much fun she was having! Love you girly!