February 29, 2008


Its getting closer....
We are SOOO excited to go see Rascal Flatts in concert! Levi has been before but I haven't and I am so freakin excited!! We LOVE Rascal Flatts!!

February 28, 2008

GO Jazz!!!

Levi took me to the Jazz game last night and WHAT A GAME!! The first part of the game was so pathetic! They were getting there butts kicked! It was so much fun once they got there practicing over with and started actually playing!! The crowd was going nuts! And usually I love that and I did last night but unfortunately I had to sit by the most annoying lady ever! I thought my mom and aunt were bad... No they are Nothin compared to this lady! We were the
first row on the top part and I thought this lady was going to fall over the wall she was so nuts!! I was pretty much on Levi's lap toward the end of the game because she was so excited she was taking up my area and HERS! She was yelling, Jumping, Waving her arms EVERYWHERE, Whistling VERY Loud.. I'm surprised I didn't have a black eye when we left! What a psycho!!! Other then that crazy broad we had a blast and the Jazz kicked butt!! And as you can see from the pictures... Levi hates having his picture taken.. I take one with his finger in his mouth so I tell him to smile a certain way and he does but then he can't even look at the camera!! He's like a lil kid!!! After being behind 17 points the Jazz won 103 to 95 GOOD GAME!!!


We went fishing on Presidents Day (I know.. I'm a lil late) We took Levi's friend, Tyler and his lil boy, Kaden. It was so much fun!! At First the fish weren't biting so we went and walked around the water a lil until Lexi discovered the water and decided she wanted to play IN it. It was freezing cold outside and Kaden said he should have brought his swimming suit to play in the water with Lexi.. too cute! He Loved playing with Lexi and she would get so excited around him that we had to keep them separated while fishing because we were fishing off the dock so we thought for sure if we let them play Kaden would end up in the water! Kaden is such a boys boy and thinks he knows it all. He even got my hook ready for me with worm because I wouldn't! Then when he wasn't catching any fish he decided that there were more fish on the other dock so he made his way over there by him self. (Still didn't catch anything until the other boys started to they would let him real them in! He was so excited! I love how excited kids get over the dumbest things! And notice in the picture with Lexi swimming with the bone in her mouth.. Usually when dogs swim, you can only see there head and the water isn't splashing around.. She is still learning.. She got it a few times but she would only swim the right way on the way back from getting the bone. We think it was because the bone evened her out in the water.. Who knows... All in all it was pretty fun!

February 25, 2008

abc's About Me

A- Attached or single: Attached

B- Best Friend: Levi

C-Cake or Pie: Depends on the Cake or Pie.. I like them both but I mostly like Pie around Thanksgiving.

D-Day: Saturday for sure!

E- Essential Item: Chap stick!! I have to have it!

F- Favorite Color: I like Pink but not to wear..

G-Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms plain and gummy bears covered in Chocolate.. mmm

H-Home town: I guess Magna cuz thats where I lived until I was 10 but I consider WJ to be hometown.. I guess....

I- Indulgences: Chips and Salsa!!

J- January or July?: JULY Its so much warmer!

K-Kids: LOVE them!! I can't wait till I have my own

L-Life is incomplete without: Family and Friends. I love my family so much and my friends are great. I love spending time with them and hearing their funny stories.

M- Marriage Date: September 2008 LEVI!!!!

N- Number of Siblings: Just 2. Brittney and Zac.

O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges

P- Phobias or Fears: Probably Fears...

Q- Quote(s): "You have to kiss alot of toads before you find your prince"

R- Reason To Smile: Because it looks better then a grumpy face..

S- Season: Summer and Fall

T- Tag Three (or more): Brittney, Megan, Brynn, Natalie and who ever else who would like to do it!

U- Unknown Fact About Me: hmm.. There are a few... I can burp better then Barnie on The Simpson's.

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Um.... What?

W- Worst Habit: Picking my split ends.

X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Well I have only had X- Rays so I wouldn't know the difference.

Y-Your favorite food: Food in General!!!

Z: Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

February 15, 2008

From my Sweetheart

This is what I got for Valentines from Levi (Necklace). It came in a lil heart shaped box attached to two kissing stuff animal dogs. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Babe.

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

All Levi said he wanted for Valentines was a gift card to Sportsmans and I think he would have been happy if I would have just handed over a gift card and said "Here ya go!" But of course I could not do that! So me and my sister got together and created a manly bouquet.. Sort of defeats the purpose of going to the gym. (sorry babe) (notice the sportsmans gift cards) It was fun making them and I was way excited to take it to his work this morning and surprise him!

Now.. To my Valentine..


I Love you so much and I am so grateful you are in my life!
Thank you for everything you do.
I am excited for many more Valentines with you.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!