January 24, 2010

Love You Note

Most husbands leave lil notes.. My husband leaves Q-tips and Cotton Balls. I love him!

January 09, 2010

UpDate.. Can you Believe it!!!

Because of the "No Internet" situation I am a very bad blogger! If I do get a chance to check out blogs its over at the Inlaws or my parents and its a quick glance so even though I don't comment I still check out your blogs! I guess that would be called a Blog Stocker! So Thanks to my mom yelling at me to update my blog even though I told her I had nothing to update about.. She kindly reminded me what I can update about! So Thanks Mom! Glad to know someone reads my blog... Here goes..

Levi & I went to Disney Land with My Sister, her husband, and a couple of Friends Brit & Alan. It was such a fun lil vacation! At first I didn't know how Levi would do because he hates big crowds. The first thing he said when we walked into Disney Land was "oH Levi's gonna lose it..." I thought oH boy.. Its gonna be a long trip! But he did good. I was so proud!! We had so much fun!! Levi got to go to the ESPN Zone (He was in Heaven!) TVs covered the wall with a big screen in the middle and even a tv on our table! I was trying to carry on a conversation over lunch and I was told to please be quiet!! (its ok.. It was expected) We actually got the hook ups from one of Levi's friends who has a relative that works for Disney Land so we got in free 2 out of the 3 days we were there!! SWEET!!!
We have been practicing the baby scene with our lil nephew, Ryker. The cutest thing ever! He is 4 months old now and has the longest hair! It sticks straight up in the back when he has been laying down. He has slept over a couple nights so his poor "lack of sleep" mom can catch up on her snoozes. Which I love because he is such a cuddly baby! Except last night when we had him I am to scared to cuddle with him while we sleep so we took over the bed and gave Levi the couch! We do want a baby some day but having someone elses kid over for a night is good practice/birth control :)

Levi is still working for the city and duck hunting as much as he can until its over (next week) YAY!! oH wait... Void the YAY.. He will be in school!! Blah! I am still working as an optrician and working on getting licensed hopefully with in the next year. Still doing hair on the side and still love it when I do, do it! My brother is getting married next week so I have been really busy doing all the families cuts and colors!

We are still in our lil apartment in Murray and have enjoyed it but we are excited to move into something bigger and better so Lexi (our Lab) can live with us all the time! but I have loved having our own lil home.

So pretty much Life is good and We are Happy! Thanks for Reading.. mom...