August 27, 2008

Cell Phone anybody?

Levi has this thing with breaking phones.. The first one was Lexi when she was a puppy. He figured it would be ok that she chews on it because "she's just a lil baby.." Then the crap phone after that was crushed between his butt and the truck.. The next piece of junk loaner was broke in half because he was frustrated because it never got service and pretty much only worked when it wanted to.. SO.. Therefore.. We do not want to buy a new phone because A. They are kind of pricey when its not time for an upgrade.. And B. it will probably be broken in a couple months anyway! So does anyone have a T-Mobile cell phone you don't use that you want to sell for cheap? Let me know! Thanks.

August 08, 2008

How to do the Collages

Ok here it is.. I have been asked by many people how I made the collages.. I must say I like being asked how I made something so cute because I am usually the one asking but I have to admit that I got the cuteness from my friend, Brynn who got it from another friend, Nichole so Thanks Ladies.. You can download the program from Photoscape after clicking the 'Free Download' tab. Click 'Page' once you have finished downloading it. Its really easy and you have a ton of templates to chose from. To add letters and other things click 'Edit' The more you play with it, the more creative you will get. If you have any questions let me know.. Have fun!! Its addicting!!!