November 25, 2011

Baby Boy

Here HE is everyone! Chase Johnson McNeill
Due April 29, 2012

November 06, 2011

Finally something to blog about!

Old news if you are on FaceBook but me and Levi are finally expecting. I am 4 months now and finally loving it! The 1st Trimester kicked my butt! but I am finally in the (what my Dr calls the pregnancy honeymoon) because I can actually eat food.. ok I actually WANT to eat food. Before I had to force myself!! Every morning I grab Levis hand and put it on my belly to feel the lil tiny baby bump that is starting to poke out. My house is finally clean and I am finally getting a wardrobe again. 8 weeks of not doing laundry, you start to run out of cute things to wear!! Sorry to people at work who had to see me every day in "whatever I could find clothes."
Right now we are getting ready for the Holidays, putting Christmas lights on the house for the very FIRST time I am SO SO SO excited!!! Good thing I have a good brother that will do that for me since I have a wuss of a husband that "doesn't do roofs" (Love you Levi)
I am slowly getting things organized so we can get the babies room all cute and done so it can just be the babies room and not the Laundry/Linen closet/Storage Room. Then we can start painting and decorating after December 15th so we know if we have to do Girly or Phillies right Britt??

July 06, 2011

Growing Family

We just welcomed our 3rd lil Nephew into the Family!! Gavin James Thompson! We will have our FOURTH nephew in November!! Now, Lets get me a Lil Girl!!!

June 19, 2011

I can not believe it has been TWO years since I married this man! We have done so much in two years and I Love him more every day!!

July 05, 2011

Its Time

I don't really have much to Blog about Lately but when I do, I don't need people I don't know expressing there feelings to me. So if you are interested in continuing to follow my blog (maybe one day I will have something exciting to share) Leave me your email or you can email it to me as well.

March 18, 2011

I promise too...

If I can have a baby I promise too..
Never take it to Walmart at Midnight and yell at it for crying
Always put it in a car seat/seat belt (especially on the freeway)
Always have the teeth brushed so they don't have to have them capped before they are 3
Always have a Jacket on when its cold out side
Always pay attention to it while at stores so other people don't have to baby sit
Always clean up after it while at other peoples house
I won't have it sit in its own crap for a long period of time so other people have to smell it
I will always have fruit snacks for it when it is older
I will Love it unconditionaly because it will be the BEST thing that I have ever been given!!

February 22, 2011

To my sister...

I have hacked in to my sisters blog! This is Brittney, Megans sister. I just want to take this opportunity to publicly tell my sister how much I love her!! She is one of my best friends. When anything in my life good, bad or terrible happens she is who I want to tell. In everyone's life you always need someone who always has your back...she is it for me! I know I can always count on her to step up and have my back! And I will ALWAYS be that person for you...!
I Love You Megan!

January 07, 2011

This ones for you Britt

My sister took this picture and looked at us funny and said "You guys make a good couple." Yeah that's not weird at all since this is my Brother in Law!!! So here it is.. A cute made up family!!

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas gift #1 From my Parents was a cruise to Mazatlan, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta. We had a blast! It was Levis first time on a cruise and I think I heard every day how ridiculous it was that the ship was this big! Cabo and Puerto Vallarta were our favorite stops! We were there for New Years Eve and probably one of the funnest New Years I've had!! Here are a few pictures..