January 30, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

On Sunday night when I got a text message from my cousin Brad saying that President Hinckley had passed I couldn't believe it. It seems like for the last few conferences he would always say he hopes he makes it to the next one. When I got the news I wasn't so sad like a normal reaction would be because I knew where he was and that was with his sweetheart who he missed so much! When I was a youth I got to go to the Conference center and hear President Hinckley speak and I remember feeling the spirit so strong when he walked into the room. He was a great man and had great things to say. Even some people that aren't of the same faith still were touched by President Hinckley. He was a great example and a great leader to look up to. I will always remember this Prophet. Here is a Link of what Glenn Beck said about President Hinckley in New York. I Loved it.

January 28, 2008

Picture taking for Fun!

Levi' Saturday consisted of picture with his family, sleeping while me and his lil sister dragged him with us to run errands, his sister Danielle, me and his Duck calls and of course training Lexi to be a hunting dog.

Saturday night Wedding

A month ago my cousin got married in Boston and had there Reception here on Saturday night. (I did her hair and it looked really cute for how short it was) The wedding was a lot of fun. Can you say TO MUCH FONDUE... The pictures with all the boys are my cousins Brad, Conner, Garrett and Riley. (they probably won't ever read this unless I pull it up for them but I Love those boys! I have so much fun with them! We are always inviting them to do stuff with us. It is so fun now that they are all grown up (for the most part) We don't have to babysit them anymore.. Well.. Except for Conner who is 14 and thinks he is the man! Zac we miss you!! We wish you were here and not crummy old Texas!

Friday night Bowling

Friday night we took the cousins bowling and my favorite part was when Brad fell on his back after throwing the ball.. To bad I didn't get a picture of that one.... We had a good time and we really like hanging out with the Cousins.

January 22, 2008

Look at all that SNOW!!

As you can see we got a lot of snow over night! Every time someone is shoveling Lexi is always in the way because (for some reason) she thinks its a game.. Luckily she stayed out of the way of the snow blower and just followed Levi around the whole time.. She loves the snow and its so cute when there is a lot of it because you can only see the top of her body and when she runs it is so cute because she has to jump through it!


I think its kinda funny that I update about Lexi on here because everyone else updates about there lil kids but I figure its ok because we don't have kids yet so until we have something better to update you all about I am going to keep updating on Lexi because she is still a puppy and she is still cute! Lexi is a lil over 4 months now and is so smart with definitely her own stubborn personality still. Sometimes when she is being stubborn she only listens to Levi unless she can hear in your voice that your mad. So far she sits when you tell her too, She retrieves until she gets bored or unless Levi starts training her to retrieve like she's hunting because then she has so sit and stay next to him and just watch the toy until he says "Lexi!" Then she will do that a couple times but then kind of looks back and give him a dirty look and not bring it back to him and go somewhere else with it and just play with it by herself. And when you give her a treat you can say "Slow" and she will slowly take the treat out of your finger tips which I love because before I would always get scared she would accidentally bite me! but its funny when she does it slowly because she crinkles her nose so we call it 'her mean face' She can also Shake your hand but I think she loves knowing how to do this because she does it but then she switches paws and does it again. Its funny because when Levi is playing with her they always shake after and she will do it like 4 times and Levi will just shake her paws and say Thank you every time. Its so cute! I love watching them wrestle! Its so funny. And she started limping a couple weeks ago and we decided to just watch it to see if it got worse before taking her to the vet but then she stopped and sometimes here and there she will throw in a limp for a minute so we think she is faking but we'll see because she hardly does it. And Last night I thought it was so cute because she fell asleep in the family room and all the sudden she gets up and walks upstairs to Levi's room where she sleeps on her lil bed and I go up there and she is OUT!! See she is smart.... She knows where to go to sleep.. .. .. And last... I forgot to mention. When you take her on walks and you drop the leash .. She picks it up in her mouth and walks her self.

Weekend with the Ladies...

This weekend was full of time with the girls!! Friday night I got together with my cousins and aunts at Applebees for a Bridal Shower for Lindsey. Then after we went to the Movie 27 Dresses... I LOVED it!!

Then Saturday morning me and some girls I use to work with got
together for Crepes and a game of Zonk (if you don't know what that is.. Ask me! Its so fun!!). This is what happens when Rachel finally gets a good Roll!!

This is what you get when you let Rachel be in charge of the Crepes.. Just kidding.. My attempt was much worse!
After Breakfast and games me and Krystal went and saw Ps. I Love You and that was also a GREAT movie! It made me laugh and cry at the same time! Both movies were Very good Chick Flicks!!

Thanks for such a fun weekend girls!! I love you guys!

The Hunt is OVER

Well the duck hunt is finally over and now I can have Levi back for a few months until Fishing starts.... Here are a few pictures of Levis last prize possessions. As disgusting as they look.. He was very proud.

January 12, 2008

Me and my Mom

Well I got my new camera finally and I was so excited to take pictures of Lexi getting her nails done today for the first time but I was so in aw watching how they did it to think about getting my camera out. So I wanted to post something so I made my dad take a picture of my mom and I before we went to a wedding tonight.. This was his 4th attempt.. You would think he was a lil kid... Me and my mom have always had a really good relationship.. And I look up to her in so many ways besides actually looking up to her because she is pretty short. Ever since I was a lil girl I have always heard "You look so much like your mom" And still to this day I hear it ALL the time. Mom I Love you and I am glad I look like you because I think you are a beautiful woman!! Thanks for all you do.

January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

We can't believe its already 2008!! We hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years. Levi and I hung out with my family. Ate food and played lots of games. New Years day we went to Solitude and did some skiing and snowboarding. Levi was really nervous because he hasn't been on a board in years but he actually did really good. Me on the other hand... I only do 2 hills. This time I went on bigger and steeper hills and we kept taking the wrong turns so we would have to do that hill again until we got back to the lift we wanted.. I was getting so mad because I did NOT want to do that huge hill again. The second time going on it I actually got on my butt and attempted to slide down the hill that way and Levi said I was going to get ran over (which I was hoping for so I could at least get a ride back to the right place!) Once we got off that hill it was a good time!
I am so excited for the new year. We have made our New Year goals and hope to achieve them. Back to the gym today of course! I am so bummed the Holidays are over but they were wonderful and I am excited to see what happens in the future!