April 27, 2009


Meet Jalen!!!

a Late Easter Post

Cupcakes, Colored Eggs & Easter Baskets are the Best! I love coloring eggs and I don't know why but everyone else in my family seem to think its a kid thing so it was mostly me coloring the eggs this year.. Holidays are getting pretty lame around my house. We need some Kids around here!!!
For dinner we all headed over to my aunt Kristy's for Dinner. Her youngest is 9 so they are getting pretty boring too. (no offense boys.. Except you Conner. Your just boring! -jk-) We tried to do an Easter egg hunt in the front yard and by Easter egg hunt I mean We threw candy in the front yard and told them like 4 times to go out and get it. Apparently there ball game was more important. Then it was mostly my brother in law running out there and getting most of it! All together it was another fun dinner with the Fam. And Levi got me a way cute filled Easter Basket! (Thanks Britt)

April 05, 2009

Best Friends

Baseball started tonight so me and Lexi were REALLY bored while Levi was doing what he loves best (Sitting around and watching baseball) I said to Lexi "Wanna go for a walk?" She knew exactly what I said because her ears perked up so I said "Go get Riley" So she hurried up the stairs and me and Levi just looked at each other thinking.. 'Is she really getting her' A couple minutes later Lexi came back down, sits by my feet, 2 seconds later Riley appears!! We laughed then I HAD to take them for a walk. Thats all!