September 25, 2008

Softball Champions

CoNGrAtULaTiOnS on your undefeated season Boys!!

September 15, 2008


I was tagged by my cute sister Brittney. Check at the very end to see if you have been tagged. Here are the rules: You have to take 10 random pictures in your home. No straitening, cleaning or wiping any kids nose. Then you can tag more people.

This is part of the wall in our 1/2 Bath that my very creative sister decorated.

This is my pepper spray that I actually kinda want to use one day.

I love Purses!!

This is a picture of my computer screen of my email account that has my flight times for when I go to New York in TWO days!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

This is actually the very first picture I took after reading my sisters blog! It is of my brother blocking his face because my flash was bright (yeah.. I woke him up.)

This is my favorite spot in my room, its the only spot that is still clean after a busy week.. (my sister decorated my room too)

This is downstairs where I store my secret stash of food because if I come home with food, it is gone before I get to it!

This is what my bathroom looks like after a rushed morning (it said No straightening)

These are my cute lanterns in my room that my sister gave me. They are the first thing people talk about when they come in my room

This is our cute bathroom that again my sister decorated! If we have a room in our house that is cute and decorated. My sister did it!!!

And now I tag.. Brynn, Megan (when yours is finished of course), Kerrie, Nichole, Jen, Jackie, Jessica Cook, Natalie and Lindsay Taylor! Have fun Ladies!!

Ps.. If you were looking close at the picture of the mini fridge and my messy bathroom and you noticed the brown bottle that looks similar to a beer bottle.. Its Apple Beer!! Just for the record!

Lil Lexi is ONE (Seven in Doggy years)

Our lil Lexi is not so lil any more!! She turned One on Saturday Sept 13th. Lexi is such a great dog! She gets more attention then me! She better be a great dog!! And I know I am weird for blogging about this but we don't have kids so Lexi is the baby we are going to blog about until we get them!

September 11, 2008

Girls Camp

Girls camp was awhile ago but I finally have the internet at home so it is much easier to blog! I was an assistant girls camp director in my ward which I think only happened because I was talking to my friend that does my hair that is also in my ward. I was telling her that I loved girls camp when I was younger.. Come to find out.. She was also an assistant girls camp director so she talked to our other friend.. The YW President and all of the sudden I get a text from the pres saying... So you wanna go to Girls camp huh... Lets just say I am glad I got my hair done that day because I had a blast at Camp! I was in charge of taking all the pictures for the dvd after and that was a perfect job for me because I LOVE pictures!! I was also very proud of the dvd of it all afterward. Thanks for your help James.

September 04, 2008