July 28, 2008

Our Fun Weekend

Friday night we had a blast at the Bees game with a bunch of our friends. I finally got to see some fireworks since I missed the ones on the 4th. Levi rode tracks for the 1st time. I always tried to get him to ride them with me before and told them how cool they were but of course his first time had to be crappy with tonz of people and of course it was sweaty with all the people and we had to stand up so I don't think we will be taking tracks anymore.

Saturday was fun too. We didn't really do anything exciting.. Went to breakfast with Danielle, Played some Wii and X box at Best Buy, Cleaned the boat so it would be shiny on ksl.com to sell, bought a swimming pool for Lexi thinking she would love it, Its pretty much a really big water bowl to her! Saturday night we watch our friends baby, Skylar. He is such an easy baby to watch. He is so HAPPY! He was sitting on my lap and his head was turned to the tv with of course Baseball on and Levi was so proud he was watching baseball. We went for a walk around the block with Lexi and Skylar was passed out within 2 minutes and after walking for awhile Levi FINALLY offered to take him and that lasted about 1 minute until giving him back to me. He said "Good thing they invented strollers cuz thats sucked!"

July 23, 2008


So my friend Brynn just talked me through how to FINALLY make the collages rather then have a ton of pictures on one post. Yes, I am still playing with it and trying to be creative.. Here is one with just a couple cute pictures from a few different random places that I thought were cute. Me and Levi have had such a good summer.. (not as much fishing. yay!) Don't get me wrong.. I like fishing.. When I say not as much fishing I mean Tournaments, when Levi is gone all weekend! We have been camping with friends, lots of Barbecues, Swimming (me, not Levi) I guess this summer has been great because I had 3 weeks off from work so I actually got to enjoy it!!! And I have loved it!!

Camping over July 4th

We went up to Starvation and Camped over the 4th with some friends of ours and there 2 lil boys. It was fun even though we missed the fireworks. During the day while the boys were out fishing me and Jennie stayed in with the baby and tried to keep cool while eating junk food and trying to finish a movie all the way through. The last night there was my favorite time because we finally got the fire up.. or should I say I finally got the fire up. Tyler made us some really good hobo dinners and after we all had some smores!

Maura and Cass' Wedding

Here are a few pictures of Levi's sisters wedding. It was so beautiful and so much fun! They had it at Cass' parents house which was perfect up in Milcreek Canyon. There was tonz of people, Great food and lots of dancing! I think the first picture of Levi, he looks like a body guard but he is just wiping a tear. We are so happy for Maura and Cass. All night Levi kept saying to me.. "look how pretty my sister looks." What a sweet guy I have!

July 02, 2008

Parents that BUG

I am not posting this to offend anyone and I hope it doesn't.
Parents that let there kids run free in stores and expect the employees to watch them bug me so bad!! For example.. Today I was at a small boutique returning some shirts and two younger ladies were in front of me. The one at the register had a lil one year old that could barely walk and the one right in front of me had two lil s (sorry for the language) The one who was about 9 was next to her mom BITING her moms new shirt she was about to purchase and the lil bratty boy who was about 5 was pulling on the string to the blindes. (These two ladies didn't know each other) So the cute lil one year old comes over and is standing next to me smiling up at me then starts watching and laughing at the lil boy playing with the blindes. HE KICKS HER, She laughs, He kicks her AGAIN, she laughs (while I am giving him a dirty look) I wasn't going to say anything because she seemed to like it and both moms were right there!! So the mom of the Sh..ts walked away to go try on her clothes (leaves the kids) So then the lil boys kicks the cute lil baby in the HEAD, She falls and starts crying so I help her up and tell the mom (of the baby) that the lil boy kicked her so she comforts the baby and the poor thing couldn't even cry because she wasn't getting air out! The mom keeps saying "its ok..." No! It wasn't ok!! The babies nose started bleeding.. Not bleeding,... GUSHING!!! I'm pretty sure the lil sh.. broke her nose!!!! Oh man!! If that were my kid who got kicked.. I would hate to be the other parent! It frustrates me so bad when parents just let there kids run around and do whatever they want! Anyways.. Thats all I have to say about that.. Sorry if you are one of those parents.. I hope your kid doesn't get kicked in the head by a lil sh...