December 28, 2008

7 a.m.

So I got in my first car accident while I was the driver this morning.. Not a good way to start out the day! Luckily nobody got hurt except for my poor car. I would say "our poor cars" but the other car was a piece of crap! I was about to go straight through a green light when all of the sudden I see a car RIGHT in front of me turning left! BAM!! No time for horn.. No time for breaks just BAM!! Who the H knows what he was thinking! THEN... I call the cops.. They get there 10 minutes later!! And when they get there They don't even come over to check on me!!! What the H They were with the guy who caused the damn thing for 10 minutes then they finally come over to see me!! Good thing I wasn't passed out or bleeding!! I am not impressed with West Valley Cops!! Oh and then.. When the cop was getting all my info I look down and notice my purse and coffee went flying everywhere which caused tampons to fly out of my purse! Quite embarrassing! That was my morning in a nutshell! Blah!!

December 22, 2008


Thats Right!!! We are finally getting married!!! YAY!! This was the best Christmas present ever. Levi purposed to me at my family Christmas party IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! While playing the Right Left game.. I ended up with the lil box that happened to have my beautiful ring inside. I love you so much Levi and I can't wait to marry you!!