March 29, 2010

New Business

My sister has finally put her creativity to good use to the public. Her and My mom just started there own Business.
Simply Beautiful
so go check out there blog and pass the word on to any brides you know of looking for the perfect flowers!

Sleep vs. Babies

As of you who know me.. Know that I grew up Baby sitting. I loved it and I did it all the time! I love holding babies and Playing with Kids. Most people say I get along really well with kids because I stoop down to there level. (I guess a little immature is what most people would call it) Anyways.. I have been baby hungry since... Always! I have always wanted a baby!! Lately it hasn't been in our favor but lately I am ok with that! As I have mentioned we have a new little Nephew, Ryker. Cutest little thing ever! We love Him and we love taking him. We have taken him a few times over night and this last time we took him I started thinking to myself at 1:30 am, 4 am, and 6am Do I really want to do this every night? Do I really want to HAVE to do this every night? People always say "its so much better when its your own kid" How?? Then you have to do it EVERY night!! I really like my sleep. So for those of you who do it.. Kudos to you!! Here's some pictures of the lil guy at 4 in the morning. Happy as can be!!! He loves watching tv so Levi had the brilliant idea to put a chair in the living room so Ryker can just hang out and watch some tv. We watched Kendra together then he watched a good hour of cartoon while talking to himself. He later went back to sleep for a couple hours which I was grateful for.

Vegas Trip

For Christmas Levi's Parents bought us Tickets to go to the Nascar Races in Vegas. They are Huge NASCAR fans! I am not! But I have to say This was seriously one of the funnest trips! We drove down with Maura & Cass (Levi's sister & her Husband) Met up with Levi's parents and aunt & uncle. We stayed on Fremont street. What a Place!! I loved it! I am a huge people watcher and I must say Vegas is a perfect place for people watching. And nascar was a Blast! I will admit I hate watching it on TV but it was so cool being there and being in the crowd and not being able to hear the person next to you. The pictures pretty much tell the story.