August 23, 2010

We Moved!!!

We now officially have our OWN house!!!!! We are living in Lehi. Right by Thanksgiving Point so its still pretty close! We got most of our moving done yesterday with just one more small load to go! I am more then excited!! I can't believe how much cabinet space I have in my kitchen. Levi heard that all day yesterday when I was trying to put stuff away! Remember, I am coming from a 1 bedroom, Tiny apartment! This house is Huge to me!! SO EXCITED!!! Pictures will come soon when it is put together and all painted cute!! For those of you who send me stuff.. Call or text me and I will send you the new address!

August 09, 2010


I have kind of been updating facebook but I am slacking on here.. I think everyone who looks at this is on Facebook so No big deal!
Well Levi and I got a House!! YAY!! Actually.. Levi and I picked a house we want to be ours.. Our offer was accepted, we are just waiting to close.. -waiting- Let me tell you how our waiting experience has been like... 1st We move out of our apartment into Levi's sisters in laws second home in Sandy to save money for a couple months, 3 months of staying there we get asked by my sister to house/dog sit for a week since she thought we might like some alone time since it was recently six people living at the Sandy house.. Which Thank you so much Britt! It was nice and very much needed!! So with the week at my sisters we only have only have 2 more weeks at the Sandy house.. NOT we are getting booted out!! (which I won't get into detail while blogging) so then.. we pack up all our crap again!! Move it all into a room at Levi's parents and now we are officially living out of boxes!!! I AM GOING TO LOSE IT!!!!! so if anyone notices me rotating 5 pairs of clothing.. Its because I am sick of digging in boxes!!! So in 2 weeks we will be packing up all our crap again (the 3rd time) and making the final move to Lehi!!! Right now all of our belongings are being stored in 4 different places!!!!!! Like I said.. Going to Lose it!!!!!