November 22, 2010


I am Blogging!! Thought I would update since it has been awhile.. Levi and I are loving the new house! We just got a foot of snow and I added one more thing to the list of things we need to get.. A snow shovel!!! Pictures will have to come later if I get a new camera for my birthday (hint hint babe) I have lots on my phone but getting those to my email to here is a pain in the ... So anyways... Levi is still working for Midvale and dealing with it.. I am still working in Optical and liking it.. We are going to have another lil Niece or Nephew on my side.. Zac and Heather are expecting a baby in May. I think its going to be a Boy but they are hoping for a Girl... So we will find out in December.. We are leaving to go on our cruise with my Family to Mexico on Christmas Day!! I am SOOOO excited!! Then in March we are going to Vegas for a week with Levi's family.. Sometimes this having 2 families thing is kind of Fun! Nothing really new and Exciting in our lives.. No Babies... Just us and Lexi and soon to be Lexi & new puppy... After reading this post I wonder why I blog.. This was boring!! Sorry Guys!

August 23, 2010

We Moved!!!

We now officially have our OWN house!!!!! We are living in Lehi. Right by Thanksgiving Point so its still pretty close! We got most of our moving done yesterday with just one more small load to go! I am more then excited!! I can't believe how much cabinet space I have in my kitchen. Levi heard that all day yesterday when I was trying to put stuff away! Remember, I am coming from a 1 bedroom, Tiny apartment! This house is Huge to me!! SO EXCITED!!! Pictures will come soon when it is put together and all painted cute!! For those of you who send me stuff.. Call or text me and I will send you the new address!

August 09, 2010


I have kind of been updating facebook but I am slacking on here.. I think everyone who looks at this is on Facebook so No big deal!
Well Levi and I got a House!! YAY!! Actually.. Levi and I picked a house we want to be ours.. Our offer was accepted, we are just waiting to close.. -waiting- Let me tell you how our waiting experience has been like... 1st We move out of our apartment into Levi's sisters in laws second home in Sandy to save money for a couple months, 3 months of staying there we get asked by my sister to house/dog sit for a week since she thought we might like some alone time since it was recently six people living at the Sandy house.. Which Thank you so much Britt! It was nice and very much needed!! So with the week at my sisters we only have only have 2 more weeks at the Sandy house.. NOT we are getting booted out!! (which I won't get into detail while blogging) so then.. we pack up all our crap again!! Move it all into a room at Levi's parents and now we are officially living out of boxes!!! I AM GOING TO LOSE IT!!!!! so if anyone notices me rotating 5 pairs of clothing.. Its because I am sick of digging in boxes!!! So in 2 weeks we will be packing up all our crap again (the 3rd time) and making the final move to Lehi!!! Right now all of our belongings are being stored in 4 different places!!!!!! Like I said.. Going to Lose it!!!!!

July 09, 2010

Not a Good day!

My day started out so great! Sleep in.. Laid out for an hour before I had to get ready for work.. Leave with plenty of time to drive to work which never happens! So I was feeling pretty proud of myself until BAM!! Literally Bam!! I went spinning on who knows how many lanes.. While sitting in my car on the phone with 911, crying! I can see people out of the corner of my eye watching me!! You would think.. If you saw an accident happen you would stop and make sure the people are ok.. Not even the girl who hit me checked to see if I was ok!! RUDE!!! Anyways.. That was my day :( And my head hurts.

June 10, 2010

Fact :

Grey hair is caused by Stress! Ever sense we have put most of our belongings in Storage I have found 2 gray hairs!!! They were the exact same length as my re-growth so they were new! It was a sad day! I want a house with all of our stuff so I can stop saying "Have you see this" "Where is this" I AM GOING TO GO INSANE!!!!!

May 19, 2010


Does anyone know how I can change the Title fonts and How I can edit the HTML code. I have seen so many cute blogs where they have changed the size of the backgrounds. I can't do it!!! HELP!!!

March 29, 2010

New Business

My sister has finally put her creativity to good use to the public. Her and My mom just started there own Business.
Simply Beautiful
so go check out there blog and pass the word on to any brides you know of looking for the perfect flowers!

Sleep vs. Babies

As of you who know me.. Know that I grew up Baby sitting. I loved it and I did it all the time! I love holding babies and Playing with Kids. Most people say I get along really well with kids because I stoop down to there level. (I guess a little immature is what most people would call it) Anyways.. I have been baby hungry since... Always! I have always wanted a baby!! Lately it hasn't been in our favor but lately I am ok with that! As I have mentioned we have a new little Nephew, Ryker. Cutest little thing ever! We love Him and we love taking him. We have taken him a few times over night and this last time we took him I started thinking to myself at 1:30 am, 4 am, and 6am Do I really want to do this every night? Do I really want to HAVE to do this every night? People always say "its so much better when its your own kid" How?? Then you have to do it EVERY night!! I really like my sleep. So for those of you who do it.. Kudos to you!! Here's some pictures of the lil guy at 4 in the morning. Happy as can be!!! He loves watching tv so Levi had the brilliant idea to put a chair in the living room so Ryker can just hang out and watch some tv. We watched Kendra together then he watched a good hour of cartoon while talking to himself. He later went back to sleep for a couple hours which I was grateful for.

Vegas Trip

For Christmas Levi's Parents bought us Tickets to go to the Nascar Races in Vegas. They are Huge NASCAR fans! I am not! But I have to say This was seriously one of the funnest trips! We drove down with Maura & Cass (Levi's sister & her Husband) Met up with Levi's parents and aunt & uncle. We stayed on Fremont street. What a Place!! I loved it! I am a huge people watcher and I must say Vegas is a perfect place for people watching. And nascar was a Blast! I will admit I hate watching it on TV but it was so cool being there and being in the crowd and not being able to hear the person next to you. The pictures pretty much tell the story.

January 24, 2010

Love You Note

Most husbands leave lil notes.. My husband leaves Q-tips and Cotton Balls. I love him!

January 09, 2010

UpDate.. Can you Believe it!!!

Because of the "No Internet" situation I am a very bad blogger! If I do get a chance to check out blogs its over at the Inlaws or my parents and its a quick glance so even though I don't comment I still check out your blogs! I guess that would be called a Blog Stocker! So Thanks to my mom yelling at me to update my blog even though I told her I had nothing to update about.. She kindly reminded me what I can update about! So Thanks Mom! Glad to know someone reads my blog... Here goes..

Levi & I went to Disney Land with My Sister, her husband, and a couple of Friends Brit & Alan. It was such a fun lil vacation! At first I didn't know how Levi would do because he hates big crowds. The first thing he said when we walked into Disney Land was "oH Levi's gonna lose it..." I thought oH boy.. Its gonna be a long trip! But he did good. I was so proud!! We had so much fun!! Levi got to go to the ESPN Zone (He was in Heaven!) TVs covered the wall with a big screen in the middle and even a tv on our table! I was trying to carry on a conversation over lunch and I was told to please be quiet!! (its ok.. It was expected) We actually got the hook ups from one of Levi's friends who has a relative that works for Disney Land so we got in free 2 out of the 3 days we were there!! SWEET!!!
We have been practicing the baby scene with our lil nephew, Ryker. The cutest thing ever! He is 4 months old now and has the longest hair! It sticks straight up in the back when he has been laying down. He has slept over a couple nights so his poor "lack of sleep" mom can catch up on her snoozes. Which I love because he is such a cuddly baby! Except last night when we had him I am to scared to cuddle with him while we sleep so we took over the bed and gave Levi the couch! We do want a baby some day but having someone elses kid over for a night is good practice/birth control :)

Levi is still working for the city and duck hunting as much as he can until its over (next week) YAY!! oH wait... Void the YAY.. He will be in school!! Blah! I am still working as an optrician and working on getting licensed hopefully with in the next year. Still doing hair on the side and still love it when I do, do it! My brother is getting married next week so I have been really busy doing all the families cuts and colors!

We are still in our lil apartment in Murray and have enjoyed it but we are excited to move into something bigger and better so Lexi (our Lab) can live with us all the time! but I have loved having our own lil home.

So pretty much Life is good and We are Happy! Thanks for Reading.. mom...