March 31, 2009

The PiCTuReS eXpLaiN ThEmSeLVeS

St. Patricks Day

Yet another Random update... Here are a few good ones of St. Patricks day at the Dinosaur Museum which actually isn't that great unless your into that kind of stuff.. I was watching my friends lil boy, Skylar and my aunt and cousin were off track so we decided to head down to Thanksgiving point to the Dinosaur Museum and to lunch. It was a fun day! Jennie let me know if you want these cute ones of Sky.

One LONG car ride and a Wedding

My cousin, Lacey got married in February (slacker blogger.. I know) She got married in the Manti temple then had her dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was a long day but it turned out very good. I wish I had a picture of the bride (hint hint Lace) I did her hair and it turned out Gorgeous! She looked so pretty!

my youngest client

I want everyone to meet my Newest and Youngest Client Ryan!!
I was over at my cousins house putting Highlights in her Older daughters hair and Ryan sat right next to her waiting for her turn and every time I would stop to grab another foil she would point to her hair and say "My tone" It was so cute! She held more still then the 12 year old did!!

Random Update #2

Here are a few pictures from bowling on my dads birthday and the car show at the ExpoCenter. I didn't have alot from the car show because my cousin stole my camera to take a TON of pictures of every car and I ran out or room on my memory card so those were the first to go!

Random Update #1

I thought I would do a quick update about my Connecticut trip I did last September that I never blogged about.. The update is more about my friend Sandy that I went to see than the trip. First off.. I actually went to MEET her for the first time. Some people might think that is really weird (I did too at first) but it wasn't at all!! Me and Sandy first met on the famous Myspace. I don't know if any of you ever heard about that baby that was shaken so bad by his day care that it nearly killed him. Anyways.. There were tonz of myspace pages set up for this mom for donations and on the moms page I had added her as a friend so I could keep updated on this really sad story. I was reading through her comments one day and read this really nasty comment from this gross lady so I decided I wanted to Leave a really nice comment. Well I read down a couple comments and from how many "friends" this mom had, 10 people would leave a comment at the same time so by the time you got done with yours there would be more comments to read! So I started reading this comment from Sandy that had pretty much said the same thing that I said So I sent her a message telling her I totally agreed with her and that this was really sad.. Anyways.. We started thinking of ways we could help and introduced ourselves over a period of days became "friends" on myspace so we could see each others pictures and know that it was really us and not some creepy old fat guy lookin for girls.. Over time we started emailing all the time through myspace (nothing about what we could do to help this poor mom, we kind of forgot about that) Then that was a huge pain because we would be emailing at the same time so then we started chatting through MSN. Did that for awhile then finally started talking on the phone for about a year I think then we decided (well I decided) that I needed a vacation and I was going to CT so I did! We had never met in person. I had talked to her husband, her kids, knew about her family.. Vise versa minus the husband and kids. At the Airport in CT I called her to tell her I just landed, she said they were just walking in so I went to the baggage claim where I pretty much watched over my shoulder the whole time looking for her... Finally I looked over by the stairs where I came down from and saw her husband standing there with Shawn (her lil boy) Looked closer and saw her with Lexie (her lil girl) so I walked over there hiding my face from her then gave Rich (her husband) the SH sign Ran up to her from behind and pretty much jumped on her! It was so great! I don't think I have had butterflies like that in forever!! We both said we never felt an awkward moment the whole time. Later that night we all went to dinner and had a blast!! Her family is awesome and I can't wait to see her at my wedding! Theres more I can tell about the trip but if you are still reading then you must really have nothing to do because this is a long post!

March 14, 2009

Slip anyone?

I got my wedding dress today!!! It is so gorgeous! I can't wait for June 19th to come!!! Because I like the poofiness of the dress.. Does anyone have a 3 hoola hoop slip they want to let me borrow or rent? I would really appreciate it!! And I need some addresses so start sending them. email me at