November 06, 2011

Finally something to blog about!

Old news if you are on FaceBook but me and Levi are finally expecting. I am 4 months now and finally loving it! The 1st Trimester kicked my butt! but I am finally in the (what my Dr calls the pregnancy honeymoon) because I can actually eat food.. ok I actually WANT to eat food. Before I had to force myself!! Every morning I grab Levis hand and put it on my belly to feel the lil tiny baby bump that is starting to poke out. My house is finally clean and I am finally getting a wardrobe again. 8 weeks of not doing laundry, you start to run out of cute things to wear!! Sorry to people at work who had to see me every day in "whatever I could find clothes."
Right now we are getting ready for the Holidays, putting Christmas lights on the house for the very FIRST time I am SO SO SO excited!!! Good thing I have a good brother that will do that for me since I have a wuss of a husband that "doesn't do roofs" (Love you Levi)
I am slowly getting things organized so we can get the babies room all cute and done so it can just be the babies room and not the Laundry/Linen closet/Storage Room. Then we can start painting and decorating after December 15th so we know if we have to do Girly or Phillies right Britt??


emily said...

AAAHHHH! I am so stoked for you guys! Babies are awesome but pregnancy sucks the hairiest balls ever.

Marisa Jean said...

Ug...first trimester...I feel queasy even thinking about it.

I love this post, and am SSSSOO excited about you being a little mama! You'll have to post pictures of the ultrasound when you find out what the little pumpkin is.

And put up pictures of your cute house, too! :) My husband is scrooge himself and won't put up lights, so send your brother over when he's done so I can have a cute decorated house, too. Ha ha.